I have made it down for SDCC2014!  It was a busy morning, with last minute errands and gatherings but I’m here!!!  I nearly fell asleep on the road a couple of times.  Didn’t get much sleep with the excitement of this weekend and a little hiccup with MG.  

Our last night together for 5 days definitely didn’t go on as planned.  We ended up spending most of it apart because I was caught up trying to accomplish something for my Comic Book.  It was definitely not ideal and sadness was had but hopefully when we see each other in 5 days, we’ll be sooo ecstatic that the memory of how we spent the last night together will be erased…..

My first afternoon at SDCC, was spent wandering the streets.  I wanted to get a feel of what was happening outside.  I have decided that this year, I shall wander more in the fresh air then stay coupe up the air conditioned mayhem of the convention halls.  

After my wander about, I met up with an amazing friend who is letting me crash in one of the rooms she has for her employees.  So once again, I shall be sharing with adorable college boys!  BUT this year, instead of 2, I get 4!!!!  Now before someone starts thinking some naughty thoughts, I am happily involved and there is no time for an orgy on this work trip!  

With 5 people in a room, it makes the sleeping arrangements a tad more complicated for technically only 4 should are allowed, due to fire hazards and let’s be real, the hotel wants to make more money by requiring you to book more hotel rooms for more people!  

Request for a roll away denied due to that pesky fire hazard…  So how do 5 people sleep in 2 double beds????  And the double beds are more like full sized beds, and 2 people barely fit comfortably….  That leaves the floor…  And since I’m the crasher…  Good thing I like my mattresses to be firm!  

Sooo here is my bed….

  Nice and cozy.  I took all the blankets and comforters to create this little nook.  It’s actually quite comfortable!  Well…  We’ll see how it feels when I actually have to sleep on it….  

You have to suffer for your craft…. That’s the saying right????  Sleeping while surrounded by adorable college boys isn’t all that bed. And sleeping on the floor in a hotel room is my version of camping….  Definitely roughing it here!!!!

I am off to shower and prepare for what lays in store for me on my first night here….  



I have an apartment full of guys, all trying to figure out my oven… And no it’s not code of anything!!!

I have an old school oven and it’s been leaking gas ever since I moved into my apartment… I finally have decided to get it fixed, thus it takes 4 guys in my small kitchen to figure out how/why the gas pipes are not lining up correctly.  It’s been a long process!  

There is a joke in there…..

While they discuss the problem and fix it, I’m working at my newly organized desk….

Slowly putting together the finishing touches for San Diego Comic Con!!!!!  I still have much to do….  Lots of teaser pages to print up.  

I’m so excited this year, for this year I can FINALLY say, I’M PUBLISHED and you can PURCHASE my book on AMAZON!!!!!  

I”m hungry….  I’m trying to limit my intake of processed carbs before SDCC…. So that means I shall be constantly hungry!!!  Ok not really because I’ll be loading up on protein….

I also am working on new episodes and some new plot twists in the upcoming story lines!  

This are full steam ahead for the Adventures!!!!

"My mind is full of thoughts…
A meandering of words,
Cloistered together to form sense of my minds energy.."

— Gwendolynn Everlast-The Adventures of Golden A.S.S.

Good Morning Sunday!!!!!

This is my first carefree Sunday in FOREVER!!!! I slept in… Well after saying see ya later to MG.  He left for the race track for a practice round….

After some crazy dozing dreams, I’m fully recharged and ready to tackle the mess I have created in my little nook since I haven’t had a moment in the last few months to breath!  

I have set up my little office desk and currently utilizing the functionality of my gorgeous secretary!  I feel so grown-up by sitting at a proper desk, writing, instead of sitting on my couch with a lap tray with paper every where.  I’m trying to turn a new leaf and be even more organized with my life and throw crap away!

With the events happening with my landlord, which I will give a full account when all is settled, I’m cleaning shop.  I’m letting go of waste and freeing myself. Plus if I’m ever going to move into my tiny house, I’m going to have to eliminate A LOT of junk!  

So this morning, I’m going through old paper work, shredding and tossing useless paper.  

As well as taking a few spins on my pole.  My pole is looking lonely.  I should probably spin around it more, and actually give MG his Christmas present of a dance… 

Have to go buy a new mini fridge.  My 6 yr old mini has served me well but is ready to retire and I need an upgrade.  Although I shall not be buying a bigger one, for it is a waste since I hardly cook or store anything in it but left overs!  Pathetic I know…. My mom keeps urging me to cook and there is a small part of me needs to learn all the magnificent foods she wants to teach me but I AM LAZY!!!!!  One day….. Before it’s too late…

And I want to write!!!  I came across old letters and poems I wrote during my last major break up and boy did it trigger my creative outlet.  Reading through those passages, I am really proud of how I handled the break up and what I said to myself to help during those dark moments.  I was so insightful and many of the things I wrote about the healing and moving on process and finding someone more amazing and wonderful, all came true!  

It’s fun to go over those lost writings, to remind you of how you came to the current spot you are at, right now. 

With that, I’m off!  I’ll try to be better at writing.  Hopefully things will start to settle down after Comic Con, which is happening next week!  Of course I will be giving a full account of what happens!  Sooooo excited!!!!!

Surround yourself

Surround yourself

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Find someone….

Find someone….

Anonymous said: Dont forget to send vegas MAN an autographed copy of the volume in which he makes his debut. It's guaranteed to be a top seller!

I’m not quite sure if Vegas BOY will make a debut in my Comic Book.  He’s more like a footnote in my Adventures…

But if he does, he’ll get an autographed copy just as soon as I get my dress back!

Anonymous said: Fuck all women

That is a lofty aspiration!  

Good luck!