Be love…

Be love…

So much is going on, I can’t keep my head on straight!  From MG giving me a key to his place and I, in return handing him over my spare key(which I have NEVER given any guy a key before) to MG treating my whole family to the Long Beach Grand prix to putting the final touches on my comic book, it’s no wonder I can barely catch a break!

Ok first to the key exchange…. There wasn’t much of a fanfare type of thing.  I was going to be at his place before he got home and he handed me over a spare key so I could let myself in and make myself at home… Very nonchalant…  It wasn’t very romantic either, like stuff you see in movies, where there is this great big gesture.

It was like, hey you need to get into my place while I’m not there, so here is the key….  Which you could say is a big gesture because he’s letting me have free range of his place.  Like giving me permission to play in the candy store.  But then again, I’ve been hanging out at his place while he’s been at work for a little while now, I could play all I wanted while he was working….  Although, it’s like he is saying his place is my place and I can come and go as I please, with or without him being there.  Which is a really nice feeling!

So of course, I felt like I needed to reciprocate!  I debated if I should make some sort of fanfare about it but decided that we are soooo comfortable with each other that there doesn’t actually need to be any grand movement about giving each other a key to the other’s place.  In fact, I handed him my spare because he too needed to get into my place while I was at work.  

The reality of life… The movies make it sooo romantic and I guess we could have but reality just says, you need to get into my place, here is the key!  

The Long Beach Grand Prix.  MG has easy access to tickets to the Prix and he asked if I or my family would like to go.  Now this would be the first time him would be hanging out with my family outside of coming over to the country house to visit. We would be out in public!!!!!

Everything went smoothly!  The race was fun!  I had never been to one, neither had my family.  It’s actually good to be with someone who knows about cars and races to explain all the details that you don’t understand when you just watch it innocently for the first time.  Over all I think that MG fits in quite nicely with my family.  I can see other outings together, which would be fantastic since I hang out with my family quite often!

The Adventures of Golden A.S.S. episode 1 is finally ready to be published!!!!  After 3 long years of toiling away on this idea, I’m finally ready to send it off to the masses… BUT one little hang up, I am in need of starting a company for the comic book.  So much legal crap needs to be done.  I can see why people would just give up because they really do make it difficult to get anything accomplished and EVERYTHING costs money!!!!! 

Sigh but it will be all worth it in the end.  My little hobby… It certainly is turning into a BIG hobby and expensive one at that but everyone needs a hobby and this is mine.  

So hopefully by end of this month to the beginning of MAY my comic book will be ready to be published!

My Adventure is ever on going….



chakrani said: Happy birthday! :D

Thank you!!!!  It certainly was a happy day!  I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing celebration.  

And sadly the weekend of celebrating comes to an end…  I’m still on a high, although it’s more from the memories.  It was truly great!  

For the first time, at my party, I didn’t focus on the people that said they were going to show up but didn’t, I only cared for those that ACTUALLY showed up and were there to celebrate my birth!  In years past, I use to get so butt hurt but this time around, that didn’t happen.  I focused on the people that showed their love for me and was thrilled when I saw their faces for the first time that night.  There were a few surprises and I loved every moment!  It is much better to focus on those that truly want to celebrate you and care for you then to worry about the people who are flakes!

After stumbling home after a wonderfully fun filled night and a stop by at Jack n the Box, MG lavished his full attention on me…  Spoiled me, he did!  

The next morning, we lounged until Disneyland called my name!  We ventured down and checked into the hotel…  They said we were upgraded but it really wasn’t much of an upgrade.  I was hoping for a suite with our upgrade like the last time I stayed over night, sadly, that was not to be the case.  It is spring break after all…..

Disneyland was fantastic!  Even though it was spring break, it wasn’t as busy as I had thought it was going to be.  Maybe we beat the rush.  We also received loads of fastpasses because brilliant me, said there were 4 registered guests staying in the room, not just the 2 of us….!!!!!! 

MG is definitely my Prince.  He treated me like a Princess and we wondered through both parks, hand in hand, exploring the land like 2 little kids in a candy store! 

I pinch myself with how lucky I am with meeting him… I kissed many frogs before finding MG and I laugh at how at first I had no interest in him at all.  How I was completely denying anything from happening.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t go out with him again after the first date because of lack of sexual attraction.  It does show that mind attraction is much stronger/better than the physical attraction.  Although now I’m just as physically attracted to MG as I am mentally attracted to him!!!!

This weekend we are taking my mom to the Long Beach Grand Prix because it’s her birthday!  I’ve never gone before, in fact, no one in my family has ever gone before. It’s going to be a fun weekend!  

Another celebration on it’s way!!!!  

I love APRILS!

Time for a new picture

Time for a new picture

Today starts the beginning of my BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION MONTH!!!!!!! I am sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!  I love my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  Can you tell????

Since it’s the start, I’m throwing a party on the roof of a boutique hotel….  And for the first time in my adult life, I really don’t care who’s coming or more importantly who’s not coming!  I use to in the past, get all butt hurt by those that didn’t RSVP, or those that said they were coming but end up not showing up.  I couldn’t give a rat’s ass anymore!  

The people that want to celebrate me will show up and those that don’t, well it’s their loss… 

Plums kept telling me to remind people of my party or to keep posting on FB about the event.  Which I actually was posting on the invite but I can’t help it if people don’t pay attention to their events or their notifications…  And I certainly couldn’t care for people that know it’s my birthday month and haven’t specifically asked me what I am doing to celebrate…  People are people and you can only be responsible for yourself…  

I’m soooo excited though!!!!!  I have a man to actually take care of me at night’s end!!!!!  MG thinks it’s silly for me to throw myself a party, he thinks that your friends are the ones that should throw a party.  NO WAY!!!!  I’m too much of a control freak and need things to be done exactly the way I want them, sooooo that’s not happening…. Unless of course it’s a surprise party BUT since I’m always throwing a party, that’s not likely to happen!  

And on my ACTUAL birthday, it’s going to be nearly 90 degrees here and of course I’m going to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!  We are actually going to spend the night!!!!  I can hardly contain myself!!!!!!  

I just have to survive the next few hours at work and then the PARTYING STARTS!!!!!!!


Today I had my mouth violated….  It’s been 4 years since the last violation…  It’s been a long time since someone holding a hard, sharp instrument told me to open wide… Luckily the violation wasn’t too brutal.  I was expecting more after such a long time away.  I thought I would be in pain after the ordeal but just a little tingly sensitivity, I’m good to go.  

Afterwards, I was instructed to come back in 6 months and to floss every day.  But who really does that!  I mean after 4 years of not having a dentist torture my mouth and the only comment I received was, we haven’t seen you in 4 years! I think I’m doing pretty darn good!  A little build up here and there but within 30 minutes I was out of that chair, and they took x-rays!  

I wonder what would happen if I actually did see a dentist every 6 months like it’s recommended…..

Drowning in a Sea of Overwhelmingness…..

For the past 3 years I have been working towards one goal, to create a comic book. These last few months, that goal is slowly becoming a reality and as the moment comes for me to send off my creation to be published, I’m feeling very overwhelmed.

It feels as though, creating the book was the easy part. Now comes the daunting task of actually putting it out there. To self publish or try and get signed… To obtaining all copy rights and trademarks. To buying ISBNs and getting bar codes. To advertising and promoting. Doing press releases and just basically selling my story.

I thought I had help, someone who would be there for me, when I had questions, concerns and just guidance, since that someone is heavily in the world of comic books. BUT that someone has disappeared and seems as though they don’t want to help me at all… Which means, I’m all alone…

Deep breath….

This morning, I’m trying to figure out if, in fact, I have a comic book or a graphic novel. If it is a comic book, then I don’t need an ISBN BUT if it’s a graphic novel, I do…. There is a difference?

I feel lost… But I guess that’s what happens when you decided to enter a world you have no experience in whatsoever.

There are many online guidelines out there that give you a set of instructions on what to do. They are useful. They give you a glimpse of what needs to be done. I just wish someone else would take my project and do all that work!!!

But in the end, I just have to take lots of deep breaths, focus and slowly chip away at what needs to be accomplished because as I’ve been telling all my friends, this project, it’s my hobby and when I’m 80 years old, I’ll look back and say, I created something and that’s not too shabby….



The best kind of People

The best kind of People