I am Boyfriend-less this weekend…. MG has left me for the super hotness of Dallas…. Not of his wanting… For work… Which leaves me to….??

REST!  I have been working with my head chopped off…  Work has been exhausting. My work has always been physically exhausting but these last few weeks it has been mentally exhausting because unhappy employees make working very difficult….

So with MG working in Dallas, I had made plans to hang out with friends but they all went waist side when work interfered and left me a puddle on my couch trying to play catch up with myself…

Rest does not come easy, especially sleep time because when your body gets use to sleeping next to someone and that someone is not around anymore, the body tosses and turns…. And when you get use to be woken up early because that certain body next to you has to leave in the wee hours to drive back to Farlencia, you become accustomed to waking up early….  Little sleep has been had by me.  I think tonight I shall take a sleeping pill and crash.  Hopefully I won’t hallucinate again.

Although something funny did happened last night.  While having dinner with my Mom and sister, I received a message that said “Punk”…  I had no idea who it was.  I didn’t recognized the number.  Who would call me a punk?  Which is exactly what I wrote back…

Well that number texted back. It said the guy who told you to get an iphone so he could chat using his computer instead of always glancing at his phone… Well that didn’t help since everyone and their mother keeps trying to convince me to get a yuppie iphone,  Exactly what I said back…

Eventually he revealed where we met, HUDSON!  Ohhhhh Hudson Boy!!!!  Do we remember him???  Panther tattoo with enormous dick….

2 years…. That’s a long time since I last heard from him.  I guess he was feeling desperate and thought I would be readily available because he asked what I was doing and wanted to see me…. How assuming of him to think I would jump at a chance to play with his panther!!!!  I lead him on for a few text messages.  But ultimately telling him that it was doubtful it was going to happen.  He asked why not.  I said it didn’t happen before.  I should have said I was no longer a free agent but I didn’t feel it was any of his business…  2 years! 

He deserves nothing from me.  I ignored his last text message and deleted the whole conversation.  I can see how easy it is to cheat though.  With MG away, I could easily invited Hudson over or go over to his place but what kind of person would that make me?  Pathetic that’s what!  NO WAY!  I have such an amazing thing going on with MG, I would never dream of screwing around…

So that makes 2 guys from my past coming back…  Let’s see how many more return…  I kind of hope that I’ll get a package in the mail and it has my dress from VM!  

Here’s to hoping since they always come back….

Well it is nearly 10 pm and not a peep from Hudson Boy…. I’m going to take this as a HUGE sign that he chickened out. Good thing I just came home from Taco Tuesday with my mom and not having sat around waiting for Hudson to contact me! I had a feeling he wasn’t going to go through with coming over.

Any guy that is so willing to send pictures of his panther and claim that I wouldn’t be able to handle it, should step up to the plate, otherwise get ready for his panther to get broadcasted amongst my dearest and closest friends!

Would this be considered another guy standing me up? I think so! He did say he was going to come over and since I haven’t heard from him and truthfully I can’t be bothered to contact him anymore, I’m going to chalk this up as getting stood up again by a pathetic loser!!!

I mean seriously, why can’t these guys just call or text message saying that they can’t make it…???

Good thing I didn’t bother with my contacts.

Does this count as my one date this week? Might have to since the rest of the week I’m booked up with social engagements….

Oh well, another one goes into the bin. At last I have really good dick pictures to show case!

I need to get off my lazy, amazing ass and start dating again…  It’s been too long since I actually put in my contacts and got dressed up for a possible potential.  Yes I get dressed up and hit the town, painting it in all my glory but I guess going on an actually date is slightly different.

There are several potentials from PoF.  They all want to take me out for a martini…  Sounds great but I also realize that I actually have to make time for them in my social calendar. 

HB and Irish Boy have commented on the fact that I am a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY.  I like to stay busy, otherwise I’m sitting on my ass, texting unworthy boys because I crave some sort of attention! 

So with this new mind set of trying to go out on at least one date a week, I have a possible potential date with HUDSON BOY!

We were texting last night and he said he will come over to my place tonight…  We’ll see what happens!

Here’s to finally getting my ADVENTUERS in the DATING WORLD started… AGAIN!

Boy recap…

Let’s do a recap on what’s happening in my life… Meaning, where the boys at!

The lead contender was Irish Boy but since I haven’t heard from him in months, let us say he is out of the picture…

HB is some what around but I think he is slowly fading.  It seems when he is not in town, we communicate the best and he wants me the most…  BUT when he is actually home, I barely get a hello!  I guess, you want what you can’t have and when you can have it, you don’t want it….

Hudson Boy says I can pet his panther any time I want too.  I haven’t taken him up on it yet.  I guess I’m waiting for the perfect opportunity for petting… 

Drive Thru has been texting me A LOT!  Also in the prime 1, 2, 3, 4am time…  Perhaps he believes that is the best chance for him to get a hold of me???  I have been ignoring those texts.  A girl needs her beauty sleep! 

Seems DP has found a girl to call his own.  I guess he has figured out a way to juggle his work life with his personal life…  I am happy he met someone.  She looks good for him.  I just miss my friend.  I know that we can never go back to the way it once was and we probably will never be friends again.  That is what hurts the most.  What saddens me when I think about the friendship lost.  But life goes on.  Friends come and go… 

YMCA boy is still around.  We haven’t set up a day to actually meet yet.  We’re still sending boring PoF messages back and forth.  This really has to come to an end soon. 

I think that pretty much sums up the boys.  Nothing exciting.  Hopefully with summer upon us, we will get into some really great adventures! 

Here’s to a summer of ADVENTURES!

Hudson boy

Seems Hudson boy is back in the picture…  He still wants to rub oil all over my body!  Yea!!!!! 

How did it begin?  Well after yesterday’s brief text exchange, he began my morning with VERY naughty pictures and suggestive messages!  I guess he decided he needed to see my precious ass, live and in color! 

He wants to meet up at the end of the week.  I won’t hold my breath because he said the exact same thing before to no avail. 

We keep teasing each other.  It is pure torture…  But I guess I’ve got nothing else really going on at the moment!

Bring on the naughty pictures!